Let Me Tell You About My Ger

First of all, no other little boy can have a Ger –
Not in a million years –
She’s One of A Kind And SHE’S ALL MINE –
No, no (I shake my head) and tell you
My Ger belongs to me – It’s plain to see…
By her smile that could light up New York City
when she sees me coming and that special sparkle in her eyes ONLY when she looks at me!

My GER has a heart of gold and she gives me everything a little boy could ever want…
She tells everybody about her BABYDOLL – THAT’S ME!
My GER is the wonderful lady who has held me, hugged me, fed me, changed my ‘poo-stinky’diapers, chased me all over the house, even up and down the stairs, made me laugh hysterically, cuddled my chubby little body so close to hers, rocked me to sleep, held my tiny hands as I took my first steps and learned to walk, read me lots of neat books, showed me pictures in all kinds of magazines, taught me how to say my first word ‘MAMA!’
She always listens to everything I have to say and she understands what I’m talking about better than anyone else can…
My Ger has loved me with all her heart
Since the day I was born
And she loves my Mama the same way too –
We are so lucky to have My Ger
(And she’s My Mama’s Grannio too)
Noboby could ever take her place in our life –
We love her with all our heart and soul and
We thank God for My Ger Each Day –

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